Sometimes things take longer than expected... and this is one of those times.


Thanks to John G. and every one that came to the JAG Physical Therapy Steak Dinner at Sam Mickail's CUT Steak house...... Read more


This week we're going BIG.. Hanging off the plate BIG!. And as always with Sam's touch, INCREDIBLY... Read more


This week enjoy Sam's wonderful Late Summer MIXED GRILLE DISH for the incredible special price of only $29. Truly incredible... This dish include 2 succulent New Zealand Lamb Chops, sliced Angus Filet Mignon, home made pork &... Read more


Book your table NOW. Half of the tables are already sold! Sure to sell out. If you think other Sunday brunch parties are good, wait 'til you see what the best club venue in NJ has in store for you. It's gonna be off the hook! Make it 4Sixty6 on September 14th!  Read more

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